Ori Ben-Simon

WordPress Expert
Full Stack Developer

Building custom WordPress sites and developing custom or theme based sites is my expertise and personal passion.

Backed by more than 12 years of experience in web development tools and platforms, including server side and client side languages, my portfolio is versatile and entails my work in WordPress and open-source technologies.

Working with me

Meeting the highest standards, both technically and in terms of customer service.
I put extra emphasis on the small details and the precision of my work.
I adapt myself to the customer requirements and I am always attentive and patient when working with my customers.

Solid Full Stack
Development Skills

Over a decade of experience in web dev., building CRM's, E-stores, Membership sites, Blogs, Landing pages and more.

Fast but Thorough

Quick on my keyboard, I deliver results on time, but without compromising the quality, and the use of good practices.

Customer Service Oriented

Always patient and willing to teach and help my customers, supporting them all the way with a smile :)

In My Customers Words...

Performance that does not compromise Quality

Successful projects
New projects per year
Commitment to each project
OCD for the small details :)

Technical Skills & Tools I Use

As a full stack developer I am proficient both in client and server side technologies
WordPress, PHP, ACF
WooCommerce, E-commerce
jQuery, Vanilla Javascript
MySQL, SQL, phpMyAdmin
MacOS, Windows 10, MAMP, PhpStorm

Let's get started with your new project!

You can give me a call anytime, I'll be happy to see how I can help
Henry Moore 23,
Kiryat Ata, 2826923, Israel

Let's Talk

You can contact me right now, and we'll have a friendly chat, and see how we can cooperate to build some cool stuff.